National LiDAR


National LiDAR guarantees to provide data that will meet ASPRS 2014 guidelines and standards.


Save Time and Money

How much time, manpower and cost does it typically take to cover 1,000+ acres? National LiDAR can cover that amount in a day while achieving more than 100 points per square meter.

Quick Turnarounds

National LiDAR understand that time is of the essence. You need the data as quickly as you can get it. We pride ourselves on turning around our data fast.


With ground control, our LiDAR system can produce accuracy of 3 cm vertically and 15 mm horizontally, giving you the comfort of knowing that the data is precise.

The Perfect Day Isn’t a Necessity

In addition to penetrating tree cover, LiDAR does not require the perfect day with respect to the brightness of and angle of sun. This allows for greater response times, ensuring that your project remains on time.

LiDAR and Imagery.

Our system is equipped to provide not only a LAS/LAZ/txt/XYZ/e57 file for your post processing, but we also can provide imagery. Our system produces EXIF data that has the geospatial data attached, making it easy to sync the two together.

Not Impacted By Tree Canopy

With 5 returns and 100,000 pulses per second, our LiDAR system penetrates tree canopy and brush and collects true surface data for planning and mapping.



With the ability to cover 1,000+ acres in a day, we can significantly reduce the manpower and turnaround time necessary for any survey. Ground control set by professional licensed surveyors gives the peace of mind to your project.


LiDAR can be used to calculate volumes of material to needed to move to help perfect your bid. We can also help keep track of your progress to ensure you are on schedule by mapping material moved, cut/fill and stockpiles.

Photogrammetry and Mapping

By relying on our LiDAR and the accompanying imagery, mapping is seamless and measurement is accurate. Additionally, the necessity of the perfect day no longer exists with LiDAR’s ability to penetrate tree canopy and brush.

Property Development

LiDAR can be a valuable tool to forecast the overall efficiency of a new development. The data can be used to evaluate hydrology, plan infrastructure and estimate costs. It can also be flown through the duration of your project to ensure that your timelines will be met.


Not only can LiDAR generate a map of your quarry, but it can create volumetric calculations to forecast inventory, revenue and life-span.

Asset Integrity

With point saturation LiDAR can provide data that is easily measured. This critical data shows you the condition and position of your assets. The collected data provides a better outlook on the maintenance, planning, inspection and whereabouts of your assets.

Corridor Mapping

Mapping of linear corridors, oftentimes in remote areas and areas of steep topography and dense growth, is simplified, safer and more efficient utilizing LiDAR.

Waste Management

Data derived from LiDAR is able to provide insight into the health of your landfill. Volumetric calculations allow you to make critical decisions regarding compaction, planning and the longevity of your facility.


LiDAR can be utilized to measure the diameter of your timber as well as estimating the height. This data provides insight into the value of your stand and the correct time to harvest. Additionally, we are able to cruise hundreds of acres per day, saving you critical time.